Monday September 15th 2014

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The Best TV Ad You Probably Never Saw

by Michele Miller

Who says you can’t market to all women in just one ad?

Well, I do.  Most of the time, anyway.

I’m a strong believer in using the Neighborhoods of Women as a guiding principle in creating your marketing and advertising messages.

One neighborhood per ad, with a laser-like message.

Yet still, there are a few precious examples – as rare as unicorns in Times Square – that achieve the unthinkable.

Take a look at this TV commercial from 2003, for Dutch Boy’s “Twist ‘n Pour” paint:

In 30 seconds, the ad projects persuasive messaging out to all four types of female consumers – sometimes with words, sometimes without.

Regal Queen (spontaneous)

Vibrant colors, a latin-based music track, and fast-cut edits.
(Hey! This painting thing could be fun!)

Healer (humanistic)

A multicultural trio of women, all smiling and moving in sync.
(Yo, girlfriends – painting party this weekend!)

Warrior Princess (competitive)

Script: “Now, there’s a paint CAN that’s as great as the paint that’s in it!  Introducing the NEW Twist-‘n-Pour container, only from Dutch Boy.”
(That new container looks like my detergent bottle – why didn’t I think of that?)

Guardian (methodical)

Script:  “Easy to hold…  Easy to open…  Easy to pour. For a Dutch Boy Twist-N-Pour paint retailer near you, visit”
(Wow, no muss, no fuss – that’s as efficient as you can get.  I need to get more info on their website.)


When Dutch Boy introduced the new “Twist ‘n Pour” container in 2003, it cost $2 more per gallon than their same paint in traditional metal containers.

The paint flew off the shelves.  Dutch Boy tripled their revenue in one year.

The ad is a miniature masterpiece – 65 words, powerful imagery, and a soundtrack that sticks in your head.

But don’t try this at home, kids.

Unless you’re an advertising genius, I still recommend one neighborhood – one message – per ad.

What other TV ads have you seen out there that ring the bell like Dutch Boy – that have achieved the elusive goal of marketing to all women at once?  Share them here!


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