Tuesday September 16th 2014

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Ugly Baby Makers – August 2011

Dave Young of Wizard of Ads David Young, Ltd.
Cedric Yau of CYCORP Consulting LLC
Paul Stoltzfus of WiseGrass
Mike Slover of Campbell Outdoor Challenge
Brian Schmitt
Eric Rhoads of Radio Ink
Joe Perez of Frontline Support Solutions, LLC
Ernie Nycz of ErgoGenesis, LLC
Erick Nelson of Computer Experts, LLC
Angelia McFarland
Dave Lofranco of DDR Media, Inc.
Garry Phillips of DDR Media, Inc.
Matt Lenhard of Calvert Heating and Cooling
Cameron Laidlaw of Nine Clouds
Robin Kressbach of The Robin’s Nest
Alicia Keegan
Dave Jabas of MyEmailAssistant.com
Julie Anne Eason of MyEmailAssistant.com
Chris Jabas of MyEmailAssistant.com
Homer H. Hillis, Jr. of HHH enterprises
Adrian Gonzalez
Rick Copper of Axiom Advertising
Deborah Chase of HDR Engineering
Sarah Casebier of Radiant Plumbing
David Schellenberg of Newcap Radio
Nathan Bludworth of B & W Certified Lighting Designs
Lori Barr, M. D. of MindTamers
Jean Backus

David McInnis
Jeff Eisenberg
Roy H. Williams
Dean Rotbart


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